Sothink DVD Movie Maker 3.8

Put all of your edited home videos onto a DVD to send to family and friends

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Sothink DVD Movie Maker 3.8
Sothink DVD Movie Maker 3.6

Sothink DVD Movie Maker is a utility that lets you convert a wide range of video files into DVD ISO files.

With Sothink DVD Movie Maker, you can easily create your own movie DVDs from video files in a wide range of formats. Having the ability to take several files and put them together in a single DVD ISO file can come in quite handy if you've downloaded some movies, TV show episodes or any other kind of video to your PC, but would rather watch them on a TV that doesn't support playing digital video files from removable media. All you would have to do is to burn the ISO file to a blank disc, which makes it compatible with any regular DVD player.

Another category of users who are likely to find Sothink DVD Movie Maker very handy are independent movie producers, as it lets them easily prepare digital video files to be burned on physical DVD media for offline distribution.

Sothink DVD Movie Maker supports all of the common digital video formats in use today. It can handle FLV, WMV, MOV, 3GP, MP4 and several others. Whether you want to make a DVD ISO from videos you took yourself or just downloaded from the Internet, it shouldn't have any trouble working with the files you have, regardless of their format.

Unlike some of the more advanced DVD production tools aimed at professionals, Sothink DVD Movie Maker's interface is very straightforward. You just need to drag and drop the videos you want to include in your DVD ISO into its window. Once you've added all the videos you want, you'll have the opportunity to customize your DVD ISO by choosing whether to include a menu or just play the videos sequentially. Other customization options available include selecting the aspect ratio and PAL or NTSC TV standards.

While this software creates a DVD ISO file, it doesn't have the ability to actually burn it on a DVD for you. In order to do this, you'll have to use a DVD burning application of your choice. This isn't a big drawback, as the ISO format is supported by nearly every program that burns DVD discs, even the ones available for free.

Sothink DVD Movie Maker is one of the simplest and most reliable DVD ISO creation utilities you can find today. Its latest version doesn't have any serious bugs or functionality problems reported by users. The only issues you may run into is slow conversion speeds and your PC occasionally freezing for a few seconds if you're using it with large video files on an older computer. This happens because regardless of the software used, converting video files to different formats is a task that uses the CPU to its fullest power and takes up a lot of RAM. The more powerful your PC's hardware specifications are, the faster it will be able to convert the videos.


  • Simple drag-and-drop interface.
  • Supports nearly all video file formats used today.
  • Can combine multiple videos into a single DVD with a playback menu.
  • ISO format files can be used with most DVD burning tools regardless of operating system.


  • Video conversion process can take a long time on systems with a less powerful CPU.

Sothink DVD Movie Maker is a free software program for converting video clips in computer file format to DVD format for use on conventional DVD players.

This software program is designed to be user friendly and attractive so that users of all different skill levels can easily format and burn their video clips to DVD with minimal effort.

Once you have added the video file to the software program you can begin modifying it. You can trim the video to remove portions that you don't want to include.

Video files can be converted from any of the following forms and then burned to a DVD: AVI, WMV, MKV, RM, FLV, MP3, WAV, OGG and CDA files.

Some of the other features included in the Sothink DVD Movie Maker software are: choosing between PAL or NTSC encoding, selecting the size of DVD, sorting and storage options within the software, holiday DVD menu templates and multiple video batch function.

Updates and new enhancements to the software are in the works and added for an even better video creation and DVD burning program.

This software program is ideal for anyone who wants to convert various video files to different formats and burn them DVD. You can add almost any video files to the program and create DVD's of your family vacations, home movies, original indie films, funny Internet clips and more.


  • Completely free software program.
  • User friendly interfacing.
  • Flexible DVD formatting options.
  • Video trimming function.
  • Resizable preview window.
  • Fast, efficient processing.
  • Creates DVD's of up to 1080p
  • Creates HD camera movies.
  • DVD decorating functions.


  • Can sometimes need restarting.
  • No inbuilt help section.
  • Limited video editing tools.

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